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The goal of Tantric sexual techniques is to reach a greater communion between partners. When you learn to let aside ego and love with all your heart and body you will open your soul to different experiences. When one learn tantric practices, your life can improve greatly...

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"The Caress Of The Bud" Position

Lying on the stomach, legs interlaced, the man and the woman turn with their backs to each other. However, the special effect of this position may be somewhat painful for some men, whose short and thick penis can only be flexed with difficulty. In the continuation of this position the woman, who maintains her balance with one arm now facing her lover and who is supported on the man's body, is only titillated at the entrance to her vagina by the glans. Naturally this is only foreplay to deeper coitus.

The man inserts his erect penis into the vagina by turning gently to one side. The vagina is now ready to receive it in its totality.

This position is proper for those lovers who are beginners in the art of sexual energy control. "The caress of the bud" position offers to the lovers the possibility to become more conscious about intensity of pleasure and also to reduce it by stopping the movement when they feel they are get close to the climax.

For sublimation the sexual energy they have to concentrate their attention in the middle of the forehead. This will induce a clear-minded state in both lovers, which will help them to control the sexual energy and to sublimate it in more elevated energies.


The act of love performed in a Tantric manner lasts for at least 2-3 hours, and therefore the two lovers have to alternate their roles, that is the man and the woman have to be "active" in turns, so that they do not get tired.

This is another position in which the man may regain his strength and vitality. The man lies on his back, while the woman sits on top of him, allowing herself to be penetrated by the erect member of her lover.

The woman spreads her feet so that she presses her vulva against her lover. Then, the woman will lean backwards, supporting her weight on her lover's arms, while he helps her absorb his member all the way.

The erotic position just described is highly exciting for both man and woman, and therefore the woman has to feel her lover as to perceive precisely the moment when he gets close to the point of no return, followed inevitably by the ejaculatory orgasm.

Then she has to stop and both lovers will direct their sexual energy towards the middle of the forehead. While performing this position, both lovers may experience together a state of profound calm and inner peace, which will bring them ecstatic bliss.




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