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TantricSexualSecrets.com :: Your source for a better sex life
Tantra Versus Sexuality

Imagine a nuclear plant. In the reactors, the matter is converted into energy, then transformers are used to convert this energy and wires are used to transport it to anywhere you need to use it. The same process, analogically, happens in the human body. The SEXUAL FLUIDS are the source, the so called NADIS are the path of energy through the subtle body, and the destinations are the seven plans of the human being : vital, sexual, will-related, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual, as described by the yoga system...

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TantricSexualSecrets.com :: Your source for a better sex life
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What Tantra is? Basic notions.

about tantra

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and is derived from the root tan which means “to extend, expand, spread”. And, just like the universe we live in, Tantra is continually expanding, being made up of different energies. Our thoughts and actions are all parts of this, expressing like powerful energies. They make the universe what it is.

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about kamasutra

Unlike the occident, the Orientals don't look at sexuality...

special tantric techniques

Some of the training techniques appear very simple in the beginning...




No matter what these sexual fantasies are, it is important not to describe them mentally while making them a reality. Thus we would be able to experience new erotic fusion more intensely, without the need of a predetermined scenario. Paradoxically a person can get to be a perfectly boring lover, even if he is not impotent.


suresh kumar bisoi
how long penise is to satisfing the female vagina.

Our answer:

Depends on every woman... But you know what they say: "Size does matter"

i want watch sex video more fast

Our answer:

You should try XXX Studio.

Iam a Person who is totally Unemployed. I have no ways & means of buying anything via the Internet. I have NO Visa Card. If at all possible can you Please let me have some Exercises FREE to enlarge my Penis. I thank you a 1000 Times with very friendly greetings from. Leslie

Our answer:

Check out the follow free sites:

www.penisexercise.com , www.getyourpenisbig.com and www.erectionstrengthening.com

what is the technique to stick partners to each other and never go away not for a single day?

Our answer:

Its called chemistry ;)  You either have it or you do not.

i often have a hard time penetrating women what is the best method to do so???

Our answer:

is it from being too large?  what exactly is the problem?  I would warm her up with clitoral sucking, licking and kissing before inserting yourself. 

Paul (aka Dorje)
I am g0y and would like info on male to male tantra

Our answer:

you will have to search the web for more info regarding gay sex.

I'm 19, how can I keep my stamina going to keep up with my girl friend? Also she is on edge of anal sex. How can we try without her being uncomfortable?

Our answer:

build your stamina using the penile fitness techniques.  With anal sex, go very easy and allow her to enjoy the new sensations.

I'm 19, how can I have good stamina? My girl friend is scared of anal sex. How can we try without her being uncomfortable?

Our answer:

Penile fitness will build your stamina and your penis size.  Anal sex should be taken easily and at her control.

I am told I am very good in bed, I have a very large and strong penis and my body is ripped. I know tantric sex techniques and I'm very healthy. However, I need more money.. what can I do?

Our answer:

Well, I would HIGHLY suggest checking out wealth mastery for life.  I'm using this program and it is amazing.. it truly does work and is very unique.

How to make longer the foreplay situation and how to keep intercourse long and dont want to cum for more than half an hour and enjoy playing with my girlfriend.i have premature and 5 inch penis so is it sufficient for sex...

Our answer:

You need penile fitness, it's what I used and recommend.

my chick is complaining that my penis sometime is very too long to make her feel pain,why and she as baby? where is G spot?

Our answer:

You need thrusting techniques.

I really want to enlarge my penis and strengthen my erections. I've been doing a lot of research and think penis exercises will provide the best results naturally. Am I right, and which site do you recommend? Thanks, Dave.

Our answer:

Yes, you are correct, natural penis enlargement exercises are the #1 way to strengthen your erections and penile health, as well as enlarge your penis size.  From my own personally experience, I would choose penile fitness.  I have used their methods since 1998 and have grown well over 2 full inches in length and thickness, and my erections are more than porno quality for sure. 

Joe Pepitone
why is my penis inverted? at birth the doctors said it was no problem. but now that i look at it. My penis clearly looks like a female vag.

Our answer:

I would seek medical advice on this as soon as possible.  Any surgery should be covered by any reputable insurance company.

my lover suffers from interstitial cystitis which makes it difficult for her what can we do to relieve the painful irritation that intercourse causes

Our answer:

Perhaps they can be removed with a basic surgical procedure.  Ask your Doctor.  It should be covered by insurance.

does menopause affect one sex life

Our answer:

Yes, it can, but if you exercise regularly and eat well, and partake in regular sexual activity, you should stay sexually healthy and active.

my boyfriend has trouble coming for me. He can make himself cum and i can make him orgasm but he cant ejactulate when I try. any tips? I'd really like some help. Does tantra have any techniques to help this?

Our answer:

It sounds like a psychological issue, which is the majority of most sexual problems.  Communication helps, and so does trying new sexual techniques, but he has to just relax and enjoy himself.  Find out what secretely turns him on.  There maybe some things that he is thinking about while masturbating to bring himself to orgasm, but is too embarrased to share this with you.  If you can get him to open up and try some different things that he may be turned on by or curious about, you might end up making him erupt like a sexual volcano!  =)

I want more sex positions.. real photos.

Our answer:

Killer Sex Positions is a great site. 

i have the problem of premature ejeculation and small penis

Our answer:

The best website for these issues would be penile fitness.  Iive been on that program for 10 years now and have experienced amazing results.  Also check out erection strengthening.  It's a great free program. 

Do you know of any good sex position sites that actually show real photos of actual sexual intercourse and techniques?

Our answer:

Yes, there is a new site that has just launched this past month called Killer Sex Positions and it is loaded with exactly what you have asked about.  Enjoy.

Any new sites coming out soon?

Our answer:

Yes, we just posted 2 new ones, I'll list them below:

Erection Strengthening

Penis Enlargement Review

Sir, My panis is very weak , thin and small, my sxual time is very short. Please treat me and give me advise

Our answer:

You should follow a good penis exercise program for best results.

how to increase our penis without use of any kinds of drogs. how to increase by natuarlly. please tell me.

Our answer:

Use a good natural enlargement course, like penile fitness or penis exercise.  They both are great, but penile fitness is the best.

discribe climb position

Our answer:

Hmm, i'm not sure which one that is.  Where did you find it?

The newsletter is not constant,why?

Our answer:

The newsletter usually comes once per month.  would you like it to come more often?

This is effective and use it on my girlfriend and enjoyed and got a positive answer from him. Thanks to help me by providing such kind of suggestion.

i use to mastrubate more.i get mild pain on on my penis.is mastrubation is problem for marriage life.and i have premature ejaculation problem tell some techniuqes my age is 26

Our answer:

penile fitness or penis exercise can help you here.  they are both great sites.

i want to subscribe for the newsletter it would not let me the other way

Our answer:

Please try again, you should be getting a newsletter at the end of each month.


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